What is a Swipe Note on Tinder? Unlock the Secret to Crafting the Perfect Message

Have you ever been on Tinder and seen someone with a funny one-liner in their bio? So, What is a Swipe Note? Well.

A Swipe Note on Tinder is a feature that allows users to include a message with their right swipe (like) on another user’s profile. This message can break the ice and start a conversation with a potential match. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at How To Send A Swipe Note? and give tips on crafting the perfect message to increase your chances of success.

What is a Swipe Note?

It’s a cool feature on Tinder that lets you send custom messages to other users before your match. This means you can express your interest before you’ve even matched, increasing your chances of connecting. 

Also, You can send emojis, images, and text messages. Super Liking someone also allows you to attach a note to your Super Like, another excellent way to express yourself and ensure your message is seen. 

So go ahead and start swiping with Swipe Notes! 

How To Send A Swipe Note?

1. To send a Swipe Note on Tinder, tap the envelope icon while viewing someone’s profile.

2. Enter a personalized message of up to 140 characters.

3. Tap the blue star icon to attach your Swipe Note to your Super Like.

4. You can also send emojis like a star, heart, eyes, or a wave when super liking specific photos.

5. Tinder’s Swipe Notes feature lets you message other users even before getting matched.

What Does It Mean When Someone Super Likes You?

When someone super likes you, they are particularly interested in you. It is a way of expressing interest and sending a message before they want you back. 

When you receive a super like, you will see bright blue stars appear on your profile. This indicates that someone has super-liked you and is sending you a message with a swipe note.

Advantages and Benefits of Swipe Notes


  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Customizable Features
  • Shareable Content
  • Seamless Syncing Across Devices
  • Private and Secure Data Storage
  • Track Student Progress Easily
  • Engage Students in the Classroom


  • Potential Learning Curve for Some Users
  • Additional Cost to Upgrade Features
  • Not Ideal for Large Group Discussions or Presentations

Do You Need a Platinum Account To Message?

No, you don’t need a Platinum account to message someone using swipe notes. With a free account, you can like someone and send them a message that you attach with the like. 

Tinder Gold also lets you know who likes you before you swipe, so if they want you back, you can send them a message. If you pay for Tinder’s new Platinum subscription, you get the added benefit of being able to send a message along with your super like. This allows you to make your message stand out and get noticed. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, Swipe Notes on Tinder is a valuable tool that can help you stand out from the crowd and make a connection with potential matches. 

By crafting a thoughtful and personalized message, you can increase your chances of getting a match and starting a conversation. Remember to be authentic, keep it short and sweet, and don’t be afraid to be creative. 

So go ahead, try it and see how Swipe Notes can help you unlock the secret to crafting the perfect message on Tinder.

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