What Game Would You Hunt With a Blunt? Hunting Adventure with a Blunt!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hunter, you’ve likely heard of the use of blunts in small-game hunting. Blunts have become a popular choice for hunters looking to take down small game like rabbits, squirrels, and even birds.

In this blog, I’ll discuss what game you can hunt with a blunt and why they are the preferred arrowhead for small game hunting.

I’ll also talk about different types of blunts, how to use them, and safety tips to keep in mind when hunting with a blunt.

So let’s dive in and learn more about how to use a blunt for hunting!

If you’re looking to hunt small game like rabbits, squirrels, ptarmigan, and grouse, then a blunt arrowhead is the perfect tool! With its rapid deceleration and short flight distance, a blunt arrowhead is an excellent choice for hunting small game.

Why Use Blunts for Hunting?

Hunting with blunts is a great way to take down small games. The arrowhead design is designed to be lightweight and cause minimal damage to the target.

The blunt design also ensures that arrows are recovered after an unsuccessful shot, making it an economical choice for those who don’t want to buy new arrows every time they miss their target.

The judo point can further help with arrow recovery, making it an excellent choice for hunting in tall grass or wooded areas.

Blunts also work great on non-typical archery targets like stumps. It allows you to practice your aim without worrying about buying new arrows.

All these factors make blunts an excellent choice for anyone looking to hunt small game.

A game seen with a rabbit is hunted by a blunt

What Can You Hunt With a Blunt?

You can use a blunt to hunt small games such as rabbits, squirrels, and groundhogs. They are quiet and effective. So you can take down your target without alerting other animals in the area.

Blunts work best on short distances and are particularly effective when targeting a small game animal’s head and neck.

With a quiver full of blunts, you can wander the woods and confidently take out your targets without worrying about any bow recoil.

What Types of Blunts Work Best on Small Games?

There are several options. CUT EDGE BLUNT small game tips are strong, quiet, and suitable for all bows. If you’re looking for a solution to knock rabbits down hard without losing arrows in the paddock, then a broadhead is the way.

Alternatively, you can use large wire loops to knock birds out of the air quickly. For a giant game such as deer or wild boar, you have an option for a stronger blunt such as a steel blunt or judo point.

As for retrieving your arrows after the shot, the popular “blunt” design will ensure that they are not lost and can be easily retrieved.

Remember always to practice safety when hunting. Also, you’ll be sure to have a successful hunt.

How to Use a Blunt for Hunting Small Game?

When hunting a small game with a blunt, the key is to understand the type of game and the type of blunt that will work best for your intended target.

Blunts generally work well for minor games such as squirrels and rabbits, as they offer a more significant impact surface than broadheads and won’t cause as much damage.

When setting up your shot, ensure you aim at your target’s vitals and have enough power to penetrate.

A sharp broadhead is usually more effective for squirrels but blunts or field trips can be used successfully.

For doves and other small birds, judo points or blunts are preferred over broadheads. Once you have taken your shot, retrieve your arrows so they can be reused later.

Safety should always be a priority when hunting small games with blunts, so take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your target.

Steel Blunts or Judo Points

Steel blunts and judo points are a great option for small game hunting. Both are designed to prevent arrow loss and to provide a more accurate shot.

Steel blunts work well on a cottontail and other small game, while judo points are designed for field practice and for selecting targets such as leaves, stumps, or other non-typical archery targets.

Judo points provide a more secure hold on the target and help you retrieve your arrows faster.

When using steel blunts or judo points, you should take safety precautions to ensure that you don’t accidentally hit an animal or someone else nearby.

As always, respect the game that you are hunting and make sure that you follow all local laws and regulations when using a blunt for hunting small game.

Popular “Blunt” Design

The popular “blunt” design for hunting small game is an excellent choice for novice and experienced hunters. Blunts are typically made from steel, hard rubber, or plastic.

Its flat design allows you to be used it for small game animals such as rabbits, squirrels, ptarmigan, and grouse.

The blunt tips are ideal for those just starting hunting as they provide the necessary control to hit the target without causing unnecessary damage.

Plus, with the proper practice and technique, you can ensure that your arrows fly true without the risk of backfiring off the target.

Retrieving the Arrows

Retrieving your arrows is essential when hunting small game, as they are expensive to replace. Blunts and judo points are the best arrows to use when hunting small game, as they can be retrieved quickly and safely.

Using these arrows, you won’t have to worry about damaging or losing your arrows. When you shoot your blunt or judo point arrow, check the area for any signs of it.

If you can’t find it, use a stick or metal detector to help locate it. With a bit of patience and the right equipment, you’ll be able to retrieve your arrows safely and efficiently!

Safety Tips

Safety is always a priority when hunting small game with a blunt. Before you go out hunting, make sure you read up on the basics of safety, like

  • Wearing suitable clothing and using the proper safety equipment.
  • Make sure to check your arrows for any damage before you use them.
  • When shooting, always check for any people or animals in the area and make sure they are cleared away before shooting.
  • B sure to practice proper arrow retrieval techniques, so no arrows are left behind in the field.

Following these simple tips will ensure a safe and enjoyable bowhunting hunting experience.

In conclusion, blunts are an effective way to hunt small game animals such as rabbits, squirrels, ptarmigans, and grouse. Blunts are available in steel, hard rubber, or plastic and provide a safer alternative to the traditional field point or broadhead arrows.

When hunting with blunts, ensure that the game is targeted accurately and the arrows are retrieved safely. Finally, safety should always be a top priority when hunting with any arrow.



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