Redken PH Bonder: The Breakthrough Hair Treatment You Need

Are you looking for a product that will protect your hair and give nourishment? Redken PH Bonder is the perfect solution!

This unique product helps to rebuild bonds within the hair while providing added nourishment.

Keep reading to learn more about how this amazing product can help your hair look and feel its best!

What is Redken pH Bonder?

Redken pH Bonder is a unique synergistic system that helps to protect the bonds of hair during and after a professional lightening or coloring service.

It works by balancing the pH levels that come with color, reducing hair damage. It also helps to reduce hair strand breakage during bleaching and coloring treatments.

So you can get longer-lasting results. The Redken pH Bonder kit contains all the necessary components. So that you can ensure hair bonds are protected and get the best results possible.

Redken pH Bonder


This is a revolutionary that provides a multitude of benefits to your hair. Below are some PROS & CONS.


  • Unique synergistic system to promote bond integrity during and after a professional hair color or lightning service.
  • Works with all Redken color lines and any other color line.
  • Optional take-home treatment.
  • Use once a week.


  • Can be expensive.
  • Requires professional application for optimal results.
  • May not be suitable for all hair types and textures.

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Does Redken pH Bonder have any Side Effects?

Every product you’re using could have any side effects. This product is designed to be gentle and safe on your hair and scalp.

It helps protect hair bonds and reduce breakage while locking in color and preventing fading.

It contains no harsh chemicals or additives, so you don’t have to worry about the product causing any irritation or damage.

With regular use, you can trust that Redken pH Bonder will not give you any unwanted side effects.

How Does Redken pH Bonder Work?

Redken pH Bonder is designed to strengthen the bonds in your hair during a chemical service.

It works by preparing the hair with a pre-treatment, helping protect it from breakage during the coloring or lightening process.

This pre-treatment helps add elasticity to the hair and acts as a barrier between the chemicals and the hair cuticle.

The second part of the Redken pH Bonder system is a post-treatment that helps seal in color and reduce breakage.

This post-treatment also helps smooth out the hair cuticle, leaving you with softer, smoother hair.

All in all, it helps protect your hair from damage that can be caused by chemical services while helping you maintain healthy, strong locks.

What is in the Redken pH Bonder Kit?

The kit includes Redken pH Bonder 1, Bond Protective #1, Redken Bonding Shampoo for Damaged Hair Repair, an Acidic Bonding Concentrate, and 10.1 Fl Oz (Pack).

All of these components work together to promote bond integrity so that you can enjoy vibrant, healthy-looking hair after the service.

Plus, the system helps to add weightless volume and shine without any build-up or weight.

So you can get the look you want without sacrificing the health of your hair.

How Often Should You Use the PH Bonder System?

For best results, you should use it once a week to maintain your hair’s health and preserve bonds during salon treatments. The pH Bonder treatment is suitable for most types of hair.

You can use it regularly for healthy, strong hair. Using the pH Bonder during a color or lightning service will also help keep your hair softer and smoother.

Remember to use the two-step in-salon process and the optional take-home treatment to get the most out of the system.

With regular use, you can maintain beautiful and healthy hair!

How to Use the Redken pH Bonder System in-Salon

The system comprises two steps and is suitable for most hair types.

The first step is a pre-shampoo treatment which should be applied to damp hair and left on for a few minutes.

The second step is a unique synergistic system that maintains hair’s natural pH level. Your stylist can recommend the best way to use the system based on your needs. But typically, the process should take around 15 minutes.

Your stylist may suggest using it once a week alongside your regular haircare regimen to get the most out of your Bonder System.

How to Use Redken Bonder at Home?

To get the most out of this product, you should follow the instructions that come with the kit. Start by applying it to wet, towel-dried hair before you shampoo.

Massage it into your hair from roots to ends, and leave it on for 10 minutes. Once a week, apply pH-Bonder Post Service Perfector before shampooing.

With regular use, you will be able to keep your hair healthy and vibrant!


Do you have questions about pH Bonder? You’re not alone! Many people are curious about this two-step system.

I’ll answer some of your most frequently asked questions in this section.

What Color Lines Does Redken pH Bonder Work With?

It works with all their color lines, so you can get the protection and balance you need for your hair, no matter your color.

How long can you leave Redken pH Bonder on?

You can leave Redken pH Bonder on for up to 10 minutes. You should follow the manual instructions to ensure optimal results.

Is Bonder good for hair?

Yes, bonders are great for hair! Bonders help make hair softer and smoother while providing extra shine. Various products, including hair masks and leave-in treatments, can help repair and restore damaged strands. With the help of bonders, hair can be kept looking and healthy.

Is Redken pH Bonder as good as Olaplex?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a hair treatment. Olaplex is an 8-step repairing treatment that restructures the hair’s DNA. Redken pH Bonder works slightly differently from Olaplex, coating and protecting the hair and bringing its pH back to a healthy range of 4.5-5.5. It comes down to what you need from your hair care routine, so it’s best to research and decide which is right.


Redken PH Bonder is a great solution for anyone looking to reduce hair breakage and improve their hair’s strength, elasticity, smoothness, and shine.

You can use it both in a salon setting and at home. Also, it is compatible with many color lines. With regular use of the Redken pH Bonder system, you can maintain healthier hair and protect it from future damage.

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