Android Pro-Tip: How to Name a Group Text on Android & iPhone

Are you trying to keep up with a group of friends or family members? Do you need help organizing your conversations? Then this blog post is for you!

I’ll show you how to create and name a group text on android so that you can quickly identify it in the future. 

Creating and naming a group text on android is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. 

Whether you’re looking to stay in touch with friends and family or need to coordinate with a team or group, this guide will help you get started.

What Is Group Messaging and How Does It Work?

Group messaging effectively allows groups of people to communicate quickly and easily. It is an excellent way for friends, family, and colleagues to stay connected no matter where they are in the world. 

Group messaging allows users to send messages and multimedia content to a group of people at once. This makes it ideal for sharing important news, exchanging ideas, and coordinating plans. 

It is easy to use and you can access it from any device with an internet connection. To learn more about how group messaging works, read on!

Can Android Do Group Messaging?

Can Android do Group Messaging?

Yes, Android is capable of group messaging. All you need is the MMS protocol, and you can easily set up group texts from the comfort of your device. Creating a contact group in Android is quite simple.

Learn more about How to enable & create Group Messaging on Android phones.

How to Create and Name a Group Text on Android

Creating a Contact Group on Android

Creating a Contact Group in Android is an easy way to keep track of all the people you need to message. To start, open your Contacts app and select the Menu button.

Tap Groups to create a new contact group. Enter the Last Name or Company text box and tap the New chat button to add members to your new group. 

To ensure everyone is included in the conversation, select the contacts you want to have by tapping their contact icons.

Finally, change the name of your group text message, so it’s easy to remember!

Changing the Name of a Group Text Message

To change the name of a group text message, you need to go to the group conversation, tap More > Group Details, and then enter the new name for the group.

This allows you to easily rename your group text to identify it in your messaging app quickly.

Setting Up Group Text on Android

Once you’ve created a contact group, you can easily set up group messaging on Android. Open the Messages app, and tap on the New Conversation icon at the bottom of the screen.

Next add all the contacts you’d like to include by entering them in the To: field. You can even change the name of your group text message, so it’s easier to track who’s part of it.

Using Messages App to Create a Group Text

To create a group text message, you need to open the App and tap on the New Conversation icon at the bottom.

Then add the contacts you want to include by typing their names or numbers in the To: field. You can also tap Menu (3 dots in the top right corner) and select an existing group conversation. 

Once you’ve added all the contacts you’d like to include, you can give your group an easy-to-remember name. This will make it easier for everyone to recognize and find when they go to send messages.

Adding Contacts to the To: Field

Now you are ready to add your contacts to the To: field of ‘my group text‘. All you need to do is open the People app, swipe left until you reach the Groups tab, tap Create Group and enter a name for the new group.

Once you’ve entered a name, a suggested email address is provided. You can tap Add members to add contact entries and start a group text conversation.

Using the MMS Protocol for Group Messaging

Using the MMS protocol for your group messaging needs is a pricier option than third-party online chat apps.

To change the settings in your Messages app: tap on “More” and then “Settings,” then “Advanced,” and then “Group messaging.” you have the option to choose either mass text or group MMS for my group messaging needs.

How to Create and Name a Group Text on iPhone?

How to Create and Name a Group Text on iPhone

As long as you’re using iPhone, there are several ways to name a group Message. Before creating a group message on your iPhone, consider whom you want to include in the conversation and what purpose the group message serves. 

Think of a descriptive and concise name, making it easier for the group members to recognize the purpose of the message. Let’s see How to do that.

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone message app and select the Compose icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 
  • Type the name for your group message in the To field.
  • Select the + icon next to the group name and add the contacts you want to include in the conversation. 
  • Press Done to save your group message and start sending messages with your chosen contacts.
  • (Optional) Add photos, videos, and other content to your group message.

Note- Setting can vary on the model of devices.

What Are the Limitations of Group Messaging?

Group messaging can be a valuable tool for communication, but it also has some limitations. Some of the rules of group messaging include the following:

  • Not all members may have access to the messaging platform, limiting the number of people who can participate in the conversation.
  • Group messages can become cluttered and hard to follow when multiple people send messages simultaneously.
  • Group messages can be overwhelming and lead to notifications overload if the group is particularly active.
  • Privacy concerns may arise when sensitive information is shared within a group message.
  • There is a possibility of receiving unwanted messages and spam from unknown participants who join the group.

What Is the Maximum Number of People in a Group Text?

The maximum number of people that can be included in a group text is typically 20. This can vary depending on your phone service provider. 

To ensure that everyone in your group receives your message, it is best practice to keep the group text to less than 20 people so it can be sent quickly and easily. 

Alternative: Using Third-Party Online Chat Apps to Send Group Messages

To create a group chat, many third-party online chat apps can help you. Apps like GroupMe and WhatsApp allow you to quickly set up a group chat, where you can talk to individuals or create a group with up to 250 participants.

Similarly, you can use Multi SMS Sender (MSS) application to send one message to multiple users at the same time. With these apps, you can easily set up and manage group chats and even name them for easy messaging


Group texting is a great way to communicate with many people at once. Hopefully, you have gotten a clear idea of how to create and name a group text on android.

Remember to name your group text correctly, so everyone knows who is included in the conversation. Lastly, the maximum number of people that can be included in a group text is typically 20.

So it is best practice to keep the group text size below 20 to ensure everyone receives your message quickly and easily.

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